500 PCS/Bag   **Sold By Full Bag Only**



R.L.S. uses the same wedge for all model of clip/base which compose the system.

The big-sized wedge is very sturdy and so it is suitable to be used and re-used virtually forever.

Because of that it has been introduced (in addition to the standard plastic bags or carton boxes packaging) a 500 pieces bucket which is studied to stock and transport the wedges after use.

The large lower surface of the R.L.S. wedge exerts a strong and uniform pressure on the tiles achieving the optimal leveling of them. It also guarantees the pressure and leveling is maintained while adhesive gets set.

The long upper surface finely knurled and the not-excessive angle of slope ensure a gradual and progressive insertion in the base in order to adapt optimally to the tile thickness while applying still the maximum possible pressure.

Furthermore, the fine progressively of the insertion reduces almost to zero the possibility of breakage of the base during the insertion of the wedge.

For a correct and easy insertion of the wedge is recommended the use of the special adjustable- traction-pliers.

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